Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Everyone is talking about tea tree oil for hair and the way it treats all kinds of hair problems today. It is claimed to treat dandruff, lice, dehydration, and even baldness, and much more. However, many of these claims may not be scientifically confirmed, so I will provide a balanced opinion about their effectiveness with the goal of determining whether or not all of the claims are true.

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil also referred to as melaleuca oil is an essential oil taken from the leaves of the tea tree native to Australia.

It has a refreshing camphor smell and ranges in color from pale yellow to almost colorless and transparent. It is a flexible oil that is generally used for many medicinal functions, including acne, fungal infections, athlete's foot, and many different uses with hair due to its antiseptic properties, as it mainly kills bacteria and fungi (this is its simplest action).

Despite its frequent use, it is considered to be somewhat toxic if taken internally, so it is necessary to pay attention when using it as it can provoke allergic reactions in some people. So you will likely have any issues with it, then stop using it.

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How does tea tree oil for hair work?

There are actually two ways in which you can help your hair.

  • It helps moisturize your scalp and is great for your hair.

  • It helps clean follicles due to its antiseptic properties.

How to use tea tree oil for hair

There are three main methods that should be used on hair.

  • Immediately apply it to your scalp (with another oil, ideally a carrier oil): Do not immediately apply it to your scalp without another oil as it will dry out your hair. Dilute it with another oil making sure it's only a small portion of the larger formula'', usually a few drops of it with a tablespoon of another oil.
  • Get a shampoo that contains it: The shampoo usually contains a few 5% doses because you don't want much of it to get the benefits. This is because too much of it can be a problem.
  • You can also harden your shampoo/conditioner by adding a few drops of pure tea tree oil to it.

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Benefits of tea tree oil for hair

Fight against dandruff and lice: 

The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil make it beneficial in cleaning and maintaining hair follicles. Research has proven that using a 5% tea tree oil shampoo for three minutes daily for 4 weeks reduces scalp lesions, itchy scalp, and oiliness in people with dandruff. So you likely suffer from dandruff issues, 5% tea tree oil shampoo is definitely an effective solution to make your scalp healthier. You can harden your shampoo with two drops of this essential oil. Applying a mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil kills lice eggs and reduces the number of live lice.

Tea tree oil for hair growth:

Does it stimulate hair growth? I cannot say conclusively that it does as a result of proving this inadequate. However, it creates optimal conditions for hair growth. And later this means that it cannot help everyone. If you have hair problems related to unhealthy hair follicles, this will be promising as it cleans the hair follicles and helps the hair. But if there is another cause of hair loss (such as some medical conditions), I cannot definitively say that it will reverse the hair loss. But for some people in this scenario, it may nonetheless help your existing hair health. Take a few drops of it, mix it with any carrier oil, and easily massage it on your scalp.

Moisturize your scalp:

It moisturizes by nourishing your scalp and hair and removes dryness and itchiness well. Mix it with any carrier oil like jojoba oil and gently massage a therapeutic massage on your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Leave it on for a while and wash it off completely. Tea tree oil shampoo may also be effective in moisturizing your scalp. It is definitely worth a try if you find your scalp and hair dry and damaged.

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