[Tips] Butt Massage- Benefits and technique

Butt Massage
Before learning some basic butt massage techniques, we must learn what type of muscles our buttocks are made of. If we learn this, we will be more familiar with the muscles we are massaging or attacking.

Butt massage: understand the buttock

The gluteus maximus, also known as the buttock, is actually a complicated structure just like all its contractile structures. It consists of three muscles: the first is the gluteus maximus muscle, which is probably the best known of them. As you are already seated, you can find this first by finding your tail bone and then smoothing your left hand sideways and to the left until you reach the base of the femur bone. The second is the gluteus medius muscle and covers the hip bone and ends abruptly in the femur; the third is the gluteus minimus muscle and is the one located just below the hip bone next to it; It overlaps with the middle muscle. If you have trouble finding each of these, don't worry, it's really hard to know where one muscle begins and where the other one ends!
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Butt massage: the benefits

Butt massages can help with a variety of things. Massaging the buttocks in a strange way can be very relaxing for people with severe menstrual cycles, lower back problems, muscular atrophy in the buttock area and probably for anyone who works from nine to five and who has to sit at a desk all day. Along with the exercise, butt massages also help tone the area and keep it firm.
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 Getting ready for a butt massage

To prepare someone for a butt massage, it is better to prepare the muscles. Muscles respond better when they warm up. This can be done by placing a low-temperature heating pad on the buttocks for approximately ten minutes. Massage can be done with or without massage oils. If you do not have a heating pad, you can warm your muscles by doing an effluence massage. This is a massage that is performed to warm the muscles and consists of light strokes on the buttock or upper thigh; you must move your hand with circular movements using the palm or fingertips.(Must read: How to prepare cold coffee)
Once your muscles have warmed up, you can start the next stage of the massage, which is called petrissage. Remember that it is important to make the buttock muscles relax in order to progress to deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage, or petrissage, consists of heavier massage techniques to reach the underlying muscles. You can use your knuckles, elbows or a lot of pressure in this phase of the massage. Use rhythmic movements when massaging. Focus or point to each of the gluteal muscles mentioned above when massaging and massaging the entire muscle with a sweeping motion. You can use different techniques such as rolling, kneading and pinching (which is to grab the meat with your hands to stretch it). Also, Read about baba Ramdev yoga for weight loss

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